Blogger Stuff: Mummy is Proud

Today, I´m very happy and proud of my daughter. I went to her school to receive this year´s grades and got out of there with a big smile stamped on my face.
My daughter passed to the 4th grade of elementary school with very good grades. She had two "A", one "B" and in the final multitest she had an "A". 100% in Math!
What else could I ask?
Well, to be honest, I was expecting good results because I help her doing homeworks and I know she´s a hard working student. As we say here "soon of fish knows how to swim" and her mom always had very good grades :)
To celebrate, we went out for lunch. We had a very good meal in a downtown Italian restaurant. We had pizza with mixed salad. I also promissed to buy her one thing that she´s been asking for ages, a Nitendo.
She´s a great girl and deserves all the best in this world. Although I´m trying to save money, I can´t deny her all material pleasures. When I was her age, I received my first computer, a 48K, lol. Good old times of noisy games in tapes and Load "" :)
Now it´s time to enjoy holidays and, although I´m working, I´ll try my best to make her happy and engage in pleasant summer activities with her.
See you soon :)

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