Day Off & Painting Projects

Hello everyone.
First of all, I´d like to send a big hug to my friend Ana. Happy Birthday!
Today I had a day off. Can you guess what I did?
No, I didn´t go shopping or cleaned the house, lol. I slept all morning! Well deserved rest, after tiring shifts and blogging nights :)
Yesterday, I took some time to check paint´s prices because I really want to fix my bathroom. It´s decided, my next home project will be painting the bathroom myself and this time I won´t use white paint, I want a colored bathroom.
Tomorow, I´ll be doing another night shift so during the day I won´t have much time to be online. When I come back, after midnight, I´ll do another blogging night for sure.
See you then.

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Monica said...

good luck with your next home project Mize! *hugs* ;)