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Hello everyone.
After a couple days pause, I´m back to blogging.
So, what I´ve been up to, you may ask...
Besides working, I´ve been having fun! Going out, meeting people, etc, etc :)
Summer in Algarve is great because there are so much nice things to do. Nights are very hot and (my mood) invite us to go out. Plus, there are live concerts, fairs, expositions and many other events that only take place in summer.
Once I decided to stop moaning about the past I´ve been living the present the best I can, one day at the time. The future only God knows so I haven´t done as many plans as I used to do before. "Go with the float" is my present mojo. If I worry to much about the future I end up forgetting to live the present.
This weekend, no one can put me down...I´m so happy I could fly :)
Right now, I´m browsing Youtube looking for a perfect song for my next Music Monday edition. I´m listening to Linking Park... they have a new song and next week they will perform live in "Rock One", a great event that will take place in Portimão, Algarve´s second major town.
Despite tickets for this event are expensive, I´m very tempted to go see Linking Park Live. See you later tonight :)

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