Weekend Off

Hello everyone, hope you´re all having a fantastic weekend.
This week just passed so fast...
As usual, I´m complaining about time but the truth is I didn´t have much to be online or to work on my blogs.
This weekend I have two days off, a rarity on my job. I spent Saturday cleaning my flat but tomorrow I´m going to the beach with my daughter. No excuses this weekend.
My plan is to drive to Montegordo, the city where my favorite beach is located. Montegordo is 60 Km from Faro but the beach there is so good that it´s worth the drive. I´ll leave early in the morning and only return at night. I´ll probably be online later tonight, got a lot to catch up.
I´ll take my camera to take some pictures and post them later.
See you!

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