About Free Antivirus: Thanks for Sharing!

A few days ago, I wrote a post asking opinions about free antivirus.
I´d like to thank all my fellow bloggers who shared their experiences with me.
If any of you needs a free antivirus software, here´s what they recommended me:

~ Joy-Anne uses AVG, she said "it hasn't failed me yet".

~ Rebecca uses a free version of Grisoft AVG and also Comodo Forewall and Antivirus combination.

~ Monica uses Avast.

~ Shinade also mentioned AVG but she prefers Norton.

~ Mytheory recommended NOD32, he said "it's free and also a light-weight antivirus, the performance has score 3.5 out of 5"

Before reading all comments I had to find a solution. I couldn´t afford to risk my dearest notebook health. So, while I still had the antivirus running I looked for information on Entrecard blogs.
I visited Computer Aid Blog, the author recommends a combination of tools, for example:

~ The free version of Avira AntiVir and an antispyware solution such as Windows Defender.

You can read the whole post and all recommendations here: Computer Aid - Best Antivirus & Antispyware.

Once again, thank you all for sharing your experiences with me!
Sharing is the true spirit of blogging.
See you soon :)

5 comentários:

MarlyMS said...

Hi Mize, we are currently using Webroot with Anti-Spyware.

Take care,

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Shinade aka Jackie said...

Wow thank s for the mention Mize'. i wasn't expecting that.

Now, I got this from The Geek Squad and also a PC specialist who came out to my home.

I too was running a anti-spyware program.

Guess what both told each time? The anti spyware was one of the biggest pieces of malware I had on my PC.

So becareful about what you choose. I like mine because it has all of the tools in one package.

Good luck and thanks for such a sweet comment!!


Mrs Mecomber said...

You're welcome! Did you eventually make a final choice? Perhaps you'd give a review. I am always looking at new software and tech stuff. :)

john said...

Thanks for mentioning information regarding Free Antivirus software will u explaint which antivirus is best for its free usage ability?

Matthias said...


I've used Avira's AntiVir for nearly ten years now and have not had one single issue. It is one of my primary antivirus tools for protecting my server.

AntiVir has a free for personal use version as well. I also use that one and it is as good as the professional.