Back To School Season

Hi folks,
Summertime is ending, we don´t have hot days like in August anymore. "Back to school season" has just arrived.
My daughter´s school started today and I´ve been busy preparing this return. I already bought her books, a new backpack and some of the things she´ll need for school.
Today, we went to the mall to buy new clothes. Like most kids, she enjoys having new things for the first day of school and she really needs because she has grown a bit during summer. She´s excited about the upcoming school year and I´m happy she feels this way. Next year, if she finishes primary school, things will be harder for her.
This year, there won´t be a "back to school season" for me. I will tell you all about my student life in a future post.
Wish you all a good rest of week :)

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