Bloghopping: Caught Another Virus

Today I´m mad, and by the tittle of my post you can guess why.
My notebook got infected by a virus while making EC drops, again!
I had installed the free version of Avira Antivirus but, yesterday, after making my EC round my notebook became very slow. I performed a total system scan and found the nasty little bug.
So, tonight, I´m not going to do EC drops because I must remove the virus first. I´m not sure how long it´s going to take and if Avira can completely remove it. I´m new to this free Antivirus.
Not long ago, I had a similar problem and it took me ages until I was able to remove the virus. I had to reboot my notebook and lost many files and software.
I always return drops from my inbox even when I don´t know the logos and this is why I get virus. Maybe if I used a list this woudn´t happen but I like reciprocating and finding new blogs.
I wasn´t the only one with this problem. Our fellow blogger from Internet Musings caught a virus too.
Well, let´s see what I can do...
See you soon.

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