Rambling: The Past is in the Past

Yeap, why can´t we let go?
Why does the past keeps haunting me, like a revenge. I did what I did, and that can´t be changed. If I could change the past, maybe I would change some things but the fact is I can´t.
I want to think about the future and the things I still can do. I want to be positive, I need to believe that I still can be happy. I can´t just be stuck in the past, I want to live the present and think about the future, is it so hard to understand?
Why can´t you let go?
Why don´t you live the present according to what you feel? Why don´t you do what you really want to do?
Why so much preconception? Why so much prejudice? Why, Why, Why?
Who stops you from doing what you want? Do you live your own life according to your own feelings or you are governed by others´ opinions? What others think is right is that important to you? We can´t please everyone around us but we can please ourselves.
Be yourself, live your feelings, change the future if you have to but, please..., don´t be stuck in the past!

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Penny D. said...

I absolutely agree! I've tried to be what people want me to be and that never works out, it's def best to just be yourself! Who cares if they don't like it!!!

Penny D.

Dorothy L said...

Your words are profound and hold great awareness. If only.. as you so well worded it...people would stop identifying themselves through what others surmise...they would find a true self acceptance. One must learn to trust in who they are in order to acknowledge their own thoughts as true.

Excellent thoughts Mize'

Mizé said...

Hello Ladies,
Thanks for your visits and comments :)

Mizé said...

Penny D:
We sure try to please others because we are so afraid they reject us.
In a certain way it´s normal to behave that way...everyone likes to be accepted. The trouble starts when we change our ways just to please others and let their opinions about our lives direct our actions. Then we stop being ourselves just for the sake of being accepted.
I´m glad you agree with me. You´re wise thinking that way.
Thanks for sharing your ideas about this topic!
Cheers :)

Mizé said...

Thanks for commenting this post of mine.
I should start a blog with more "substance", lol. My inner world is richer than I show here in Night Clicks.
Your words of support mean a lot to me.
This post was written "out of anger" and dedicated to someone I still care for (I think you can bet who that person is). That person is avoiding acting according to feelings because is too much worried about what others may think. It includes lack of trust in me too.
Good weekend & see you soon xx