Two Days Off: My Agenda

This week, I have two days off in a row, Tuesday and Wednesday.
As I mentioned before, two days off in a row is a rare thing on my job. I should use this time off to rest because I still have flu symptoms but, instead of being lazy, I´ll use it to organize my winter clothes´ drawers. Winter arrived so 6 pm it´s already night and the cold season will be here very soon. I already noticed lower temperatures, specially at night.
Although I´d like to rest, I can´t just hang around all day doing nothing. I have to prepare lunch for my daughter and take her to school every day, except when I´m doing morning shifts. In those days, she goes to ATL and has lunch at school.
Today, I have a few things to do downtown. I need to go to the bank, post office, butcher and shop some groceries. After that, I´ll return home to my organizing projects. At 6 pm I´ll pick my daughter at school and return home to cook a nice dinner for us.
After dinner, if I have any energy left, I´ll be back online for my usual blogging nights.
Currently, I´m writing posts for my (new) Personal Finances blog and I want to finish editing old posts there asap. In the next few days, I´d also like to update both my Portuguese blogs.
Plus, I´d like to change two of my blog´s templates but can´t seem to find time for it. Well, one task at the time...without much stress.
Blogging is my hobby, I have pleasure blogging and it´s not a life or death issue. If I´m not online it´s because I´m doing something useful elsewhere. I´m a single parent (full time) & I work 35 hours every week in crazy schedules that include weekends and holidays. I have a life offline and I think all my readers can understand if I´m not around for some days, right?
One thing I´m sure I´ll be able to accomplish everything I want to do soon.
See you later :)

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Monica said...

Hello Mize! Hope you're feeling better now *HUGS*
oh I love yr new template esp the header! ;)