Adsense Payment Arrived

That´s right! Last Tuesday, I received another Adsense payment in my mail box.
In 2009, my Adsense earnings have increased substantially thanks to my Portuguese blogs.
My Portuguese blogs rank well in Google´s search engine and I receive a good number of daily visitors that click on ads. Don´t ask me why they click, lol, they just do it and I get my editor´s earnings.
My formula works and I´m happy it does. It wasn´t easy to reach this stage, I had to research keywords, write content, get links and I need to keep working to maintain my blogs.
The good thing is I only blog about topics I enjoy. I don´t keep blogs or websites only for the money. On top of all, I enjoy blogging. Over the past two years, maybe I´ve become a blogging addict but the money I earn trough my blogs is only the cherry on top of the cake. I´m not a Pro blogger at all, plus, most of my blogs are in English which isn´t my mother tongue.
I already explained "my formula" but I´ll do it again:
To earn money trough Adsense you need to research keywords with a good number of monthly searches and low competition (use Google´s keyword tool to check this). Then, you need to create a website/blog about those specific keywords, write optimized content for those keywords and apply SEO techniques. If you´re able to rank well in search engines, you´ll get free traffic from them.
Use a good website design, place your ads well and wait for visitor´s to click on them. This is my perspective on how Adsense can be profitable, it sounds simple but it´s not. It takes a lot of work, specially with blogs, but I think it can pay off.
And you, what´s your Adsense formula?

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this is good. thanks for sharing.

by the way, you are still in my blogroll.. I hope I am still in yours also...

Mizé said...

Long time no seen :)
Thanks for dropping by, I´ll visit you right away.
Hugs, Mizé

Jasonblink said...

That is good to hear from you, I also blog for almost a year now and sometimes I still run out of words.

eric said...

congratulations and thanks for making it very simple to earn from Adsense ;)