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Hello everyone.
I´ve been busy as a bee...so much that this week I skipped my usual Music Monday edition but I hope to be back next Monday.
Ok, about my post´s tittle. Some months ago, I bought a five letters domain with my nick name: Mizé. Right after breaking up with S., I didn´t know what to do with My Countryhome blog, my motivation to keep it wasn´t much but one thing I don´t like is quitting. Blogging about our plot and our joint finances didn´t make much sense anymore but once I enjoy blogging about personal finances, I decided to start over somewhere else. So, I bought another domain with the intention of blogging only about Personal Finances and started writing for it.
I started this new blog just for fun and because I enjoy Personal Finances topics very much. I think I´ll never be rich (unless I win the lottery or something like that) but being Financially Independent is a realistic goal. So, my new blog, called Mizé Journey, is about my journey from almost broke to Financially Independent (and intelligent).
Hope you can visit me there too.
See you soon :)

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Mariuca said...

Hey Mize, I have some awards from you, come by later! And enjoy ur weekend. :)