Music Monday Nr. 51

Hello World :)
Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine, as usual, was divided between my job, my home, and my daughter. Now that the cold weather arrived, I prefer being cosy at home than going out but a quick visit to the supermarket or the mall is a "must".
For this week´s Music Monday, I picked a recent song that has been passing a lot on the radio. A good voice, catchy lyrics mixed with a dancing beat made this song reach the Top: Nneka singing "Heartbeat".
Happy Monday everyone!

Heartbeat Lyrics:

You said you'd be there for me
In times of trouble when I need you and I'm down
And likewise you need friendship
It's from my side pure love but I see lately things have been changing
You have goals to achieve
But the roads you take are broad are heartless
That wants you make another way
You throw stones
Can you see that I am human I am breathing
But you don't give a damn

Can you feel my heart is beating
Can you see the pain you're causing
Can you feel my heart is beating
Can you see the pain you're causing

Blood blood blood...blood is rushing

And now the world is asleep
How will you ever wake her up when she is deep in her dreams, wishing
And yet so many die
And still we think that it is all about us
It's all about you
You sold your soul to the evil and the lust
And the passion and the money and you
See the same ones die, people hunger for decades
Suffer under civilized armedrobbers, modern slaveholders


Blood blood blood.... keeps rushing

Evaded, eliminated, erased, interrogated
Our tradition, our love for our fellow countrymen,
Our property, our resources - our pride

Can you feel my heart beating
No no don't


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Mariuca said...

Happy MM Mize! On my EC round! :)

AngelAdvice said...

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Monica said...

Hello Mize! May u have a BLESSED, not stressed and obsessed Thanksgiving... *HUGS*