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Hello everyone! Long time no seen...and no updates here in Night Clicks. I didn´t make any updates for a week but, for me, it seems like a very long time.
After taking antibiotics for five days, my daughter is feeling much better now. She had to miss school for a few days but in Wednesday she no longer had fever and went back to her normal routines, TG!
With H1N1 spreading in a few local schools, any child with fever and flu symptoms has to stay home.

I´d like to thank my friends Marly, Mariuca and Allena for the "get well wishes" to my daughter. Thanks girls! You´re wonderful friends! Even so far away, you think and care about me.

Some time ago, Allena, from "The Eyes of the Beholder" passed me this friendship award:

I´d like to pass it to Mariuca and Marly as a way to express my gratitude for caring about me and my daughter and also to the following friends:

~ Metz, from "Empty Streets": Hope everything is well with you.

~ Liza, from "Mommy´s Little Corner": Thanks so much for the rose postcard you sent me!

~ Rebecca, from "Freaky Frugality": For being a friend and also for making great "Find the Kitty" posts that always put a smile in our faces (mine & my daughter´s).

~ Laura, from "Move to Portugal": I know your blog is "award free" but I´d like to thank your continued friendship. It will be a huge pleasure to meet you again next time you come to Algarve! I´ll be cooking dinner for us :)

And this list could go on... but once Mariuca recently bestowed me an awards collection, I´ll have to make another "Award Gala" just for them :)
See you soon :)

5 comentários:

Mariuca said...

YAY! Thanks so much Mize, I appreciate the award and no worries on checking up on Miriam once in a while. She is such an adorable little girl and I'm so glad she's with you to keep u company and smiling. Take care girls and lotsa hugs! :):):)

Allena said...

Hi Mize! You're welcome and thanks for the linky! That's great that your daughter is doing well! H1n1 is really scary. I bet she's already taken the vaccine for the flu. Thanks for the comment back on my site.

Take care always! God bless!

Mrs Mecomber said...

Oh that is so sweet! Congratulations on your award-- you deserve it. I always look forward to your friendly comments on my blogs.

And thank you for passing the honor to me!!! :D I am blessed to consider you my friend. :)

Liza said...

Thank you so much for the award. It's good to know that your daughter is now feeling better.

Take care sweetie. *hugs*

Mommy's Little Corner

MarlyMS said...

Hi Mize,
You are very much welcome. I worry about your daughter getting sick. You deserve an encouragement. Good thing you managed taking care of her. I do not like being sick. We do not want our family feel awful either.

I appreciate the award. Grabbing it now.

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