What I´m Up To

Hello everyone.
Now that my vacations are over, I´m back to my normal chores. My first home improvement project finished last weekend. Both balconies have now new floor tiles and were both painted. I spent a good part of Monday and Tuesday cleaning and yesterday I went back to my job, I did a night shift.
Now, to complete my balconies renovation, I´d like to buy blinds or curtains. One of my balconies is headed south and in summer it gets very hot there. I don´t have any blinds in this balcony and all my flat´s rooms get very hot too.
My next home improvement project is renovating my kitchen. I´m not sure when I´ll be able to do it, it all depends on how much it will cost. My intention is to replace the kitchen floor, all cabinet´s doors and paint the ceiling. In the next months, I´ll be looking for quotes and checking prices.
My online chores are a bit behind, I wanted to change one of my blog´s layout and update my food blog but didn´t have enough time to do everything. My vacations passed so fast...
Well, now that I´m back to work maybe I can do the things I left behind in my days off. See you later :)

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Mariuca said...

Hola Mize! I hope u had a wonderful vacation. I am looking forward to my next vacay whenever that is! Today is a public holiday for us though, unfortunately my hubby is sick so it's stay at home day for us. Hugs and I hope u are keeping well! :)