Blogging: Decisions To Be Made

Not long ago, I´ve reached a point in my blogging journey in which I had to decide if I would keep blogging as a hobby or in a more serious level.
A more serious level meant buying my own domain and deciding which web site hosting option I should use. It wasn´t easy to decide because I was still a newbie and had much to learn about websites, html and other necessary skills to maintain a self hosted blog.
Although I decided to blog in a more serious level, and learn more about it, I kept all my other blogs. If you´re a blogger you know how hard it is to keep several blogs. I had to use all my time management skills to be able to continue.
When I started some of my blogs, including Night Clicks, I was studying in University and had plenty time to be online. In April 2009 I started working full time and other things changed in my personal life. A breakup turned me into a single mother with many responsibilities to fulfill and my free time to be online had to be drastically diminished. I couldn´t keep up with everything I was doing anymore.
Currently, I reached another crossroad in my blogging journey. If I want to blog for profit and for fun at the same time, I have to start new endeavors and give up some of older blogs because I don´t have enough time to keep them all. I´m one person alone, and I can´t do everything. It´s a hard decision because I care about all of my blogs but once I´ve got some "perfectionist" traits I feel I can´t keep things as they are at the moment.
In the next weeks, I need to carefully think about my next blogging goals. At the moment, my most profitable blogs don´t have their own domain but when I think about which ones to keep, my domains come first. It won´t be easy to decide what to do but I simple can´t keep things as they are right now, it´s overwhelming. Oh gosh, what shall I do?

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Mrs Mecomber said...

Yes, our lives change and so the blogging changes, doesn't it? I wish you success in everything you do. :)