Going Out at Night Again

Next weekend, I will have two days off in a row. The whole weekend off is a rarity for me so I have to make the most out of it.
I feel like going out again. Once my daughter will be spending the weekend with her father, I´ll be on my own.
I already made some plans. I will probably indulge myself with a good meal in one of my favorite restaurants and after I´ll go to a bar for a drink or two. I don´t drink on a daily basis but I enjoy a good wine and a couple beers when I go out.
Now, the only thing I need is to find out what to wear. My options are few and most of my clothes are casual, nothing special. I wear jeans on a daily basis because it´s practical and I feel comfortable. Anyway, jeans are appropriated to go out at night. All I need is a fashion blouse to combine with jeans and I´ll be Ok. If I go out with my sports sweaters, I´ll probably look like I´m wearing large mens clothing. I need to buy something feminine but inexpensive. I´ve been checking some online stores and I think I found exactly what I´m looking for. Maybe I can find a similar model in mall shops. Gotta check it out. Night, here I go :)

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Mariuca said...

Hi Mize, good for u girl! Go have some fun and get back into the swing of things. And now that u've lost all that weight, I bet anything would look good on you, have fun shopping and dancing the night away! :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi Marzie,
Ya, I really need to chill out. Lately, my life has been only work and no fun (except blogging) and that can´t continue...Gotta find a balance.
My daughter is growing and if I don´t enjoy life now, when will I? After retirement? Lol.
That´s my spirit now. Thanks for your support, I bet you do the same once in a while.
By the way, thanks for placing so many EC ads on my blogs, it´s very sweet of you and I´ll return it somehow.
Good weekend, have fun too!
Hugs, Mizé.

Mariuca said...

No worries sweetie, I can imagine what u've been through and I know u need some you-time too, have fun okay and don worry abt the ads. I place them so u know I am thinking of you, hugs! :)

Sandy said...

Have fun. Sometimes I think you can find better deals on line than in the malls. The trick is to be sure shipping is free. Sometimes the shipping can erase the savings.

I've only recently starting wearing jeans out. I'm still not comfortable with it. Jeans to me are what you wear to mow the grass and work in the yard. I'm not really sure when they crossed they line as being acceptable to wear out. When I go out, I like to dress differently than I do to go to work, or when I'm home. You might look for a nice pair of slacks or skirt with that thought in mind. It would be treat for yourself...not dressy; but classy, something you don't typically wear.

Good luck and have fun, pour an extra glass of wine and I'll come with ya.


Abhinav Rastogi said...

lovely theme for the blog!