My Daughter´s Birthday

This weekend it rained so much that all my going out at night plans were spoiled by the bad weather. It´s a pity... but more weekends will come and the bad weather will surely go away. These are probably the last rains and Spring will arrive soon.
Although I didn´t dance the night away, I had a very special Valentine´s day :)
In Friday, my daughter´s Carnival Parade was canceled due to the bad weather. She was sad but there was nothing we could do about it.
The weekend before it was my daughter´s birthday, she turned ten. I organized a birthday party for her friends in our flat. I printed cool birthday invitations in a website that has all sorts of cards, including construction business cards. I bought a delicious fruit´s birthday cake, snacks, juices and balloons. Her birthday party was a success and I´m happy I could do everything by myself. It´s the first year we´re by ourselves and things haven´t been easy for both of us. But with time, all will pass and hopefully we´ll find our path to happiness.
Soon, it will be my birthday and this year I´d like to celebrate my special day in a different way. Let´s see if I can make it a special day as well.

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