Blogger Status: Hiatus

As you probably noticed, things have been really slow in all my blogs.
I´ve been in a sort of hiatus. My apologies for not warning in advance, it was an unplanned sort of mood.
I did this break not because I ran out of ideas or words, I´m always up to something and, most times, I have something to say. I´m a "wordy" person, that´s why I started my blogs in the first place.
This hiatus was not because of my crazy job schedule´s either. I just consciously used my free time to do other things I enjoy... such as reading, resting (following Doctor´s advise), going out with my daughter and socializing. Even meet a new friend... my prince is out there, somewhere :)
A couple weeks ago, due the (very) hot temperatures we´re having here in Algarve, my "old" health problem worsened. I felt really exhausted and decided to visit my Doctor. He advised me take some days off, have plenty rest and prescribed me pills. So, I followed his advice and will be home till next 27th, except for the pills part. I´m not very keen on chemicals...but...maybe this time I´ll buy them.
Rest sure, I´m not thrilled to go back to work next week. I won´t be paid for these "sickness days" but I´ll manage without that money. Anyway, I already straightened my finances and recently became debt free, so... I can afford (and deserve) an extra free vacation days :) that I´m back to blogging after a couple week´s hiatus, just imagine how much I have to catch up!
See you soon :)

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Monica said...

hello Mize! wow congrats on becoming debt-free!! :)


Francis R. Barbour said...

Where you messed up, is in thinking that you wouldn't meet your prince online - thanks to your blog! lol

Anonymous said...

i would like to appreciate you for it.

Anonymous said...
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