Camping and RV

As some of you know, I don´t travel outside my country as much I´d like to but nevertheless I´m a big Travel & RV fan. I often blog about my mini traveling adventures and desires both here and in my other blogs.
I´ll never forget my camping experiences, specially those back when I was a teenager. During summer vacations, I used to camp for weeks in Tróia, Setúbal. In August, my hometown’s older Fisherman celebrate a holiday devoted to their protection saint. Boats are decorated for a parade in Sado river. People get together in the beach, some camp others just come for the festivities.
I used to spend the festivities camping in a small tent nearby my best friend´s parents bigger tents.
I really miss camping. I miss the nights by the fireplace, having fun and listening to that friend that brings the guitar to cheer the party, sleeping outside because it´s too hot inside the tent. Being there under the summer night sky, watching the stars to fall asleep in our sleeping bags. Washing plates with sand, looking for seafood and cooking clamps in the fireplace. These are some of the fun parts I miss, won´t describe the less fun parts... mosquito here, ant there :)
My father had a small van which he transformed in a single person RV. Someone with a bit of skill can do that, there are specialized RV and camping shops which provide anything needed to refurbish or revamp an older RV. The link above is from one of these stores.
When my father passed away I inherited the Renault RV but sold it a few months after because I had no place to keep it, it was too small for 3 persons and didn´t know if I would ever use it. I sold it to an English couple living in "Monchique". I like to think that surely are having more fun with it.
Maybe someday I can embark in some RV adventure. For now, all I can do is read about other´s RV adventures, which I often do.
See you soon.

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