Could Have Started Better...

My new year could have started in a better way...
My daughter spent New Year´s with her father and returned home sick. Now..they´re both sick.
She was supposed to start school Monday but wasn´t feeling well that morning. She vomited during the night a few times and had stomach aches. Maybe it was something she ate or a virus, not sure.
She doesn´t have fever and the stomach aches come and the morning she´s not feeling very well, but after a few hours she looks normal. returns again.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I´m in a small blogging hiatus but hope to return as soon as possible.

2 comentários:

Grampy said...

I hope she gets well soon. It has to be some sort of Virus. Very strange.

Mizé said...

Thanks Grampy!
She´s back to normal now. It was something she ate, probably too much chocolate.
Take Care :)