About E-mail Marketing

When I started blogging, I created two separate e-mail accounts solely for this purpose and maintained one account for personal use only. During this years that I´ve been online, I´ve given my e-mail address to many websites and joined a few newsletters. With time, my e-mail spread and became a part of lists. Obviously, not all the websites I gave my e-mail to kept it only for themselves. Nowadays, I face the trouble of too much spam and useless e-mails.
Every time I open any of these two e-mail boxes, I have to spend hours cleaning them which already has become a burden to me. It sucks way too much of my online time already but I don´t see an easy way out to this issue. I could create two new e-mail accounts but contacting everyone to change it can also be an issue.
I´ve noticed that many Internet Marketing campaigns revolve around e-mail. E-mail Marketing can be described as fast and effective but it all depends on the recipient. In my case, it´s not that effective but that only happens because I´ve learned to distinguish e-mails I receive.
I receive many e-mails from small business email marketing campaigns, many of which are created by tools like the link in this post. E-mail marketing tools were developed to help marketers reach wider audiences trough lists and such. These tools save time and in the case of auto-responders can be very useful to some companies.
Maybe this type of approach can be effective for some but as far as I´m concerned I´m a difficult type of recipient.

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