As I mentioned in a recent post, I´m preparing myself to sell my flat and move to a smaller one. Downsizing is something that has been on my mind in the past couple years but only now I´m putting it in practice.
One of the things I´m doing, is decluttering and reducing my possessions. I have so much stuff on my flat that I´m thinking about selling some things. I have been researching online about free learning resources to make money on eBay. Maybe I could sell some of my stuff there.
While researching about this topic, I came across the website linked above. This website provides information and trough it I learned about eBay scams. I don´t know if alibaba is not a scam but one thing I have learned is that we should not buy fake gadgets online. There´s the risk of paying but never receiving what you purchased.
Do you have any experiences about e-bay, both as a seller or buyer that you can share with me? I would appreciate to hear from you.

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Duni said...

Hi Mizé,

I guess it all depends on what you are selling. I have sold costume jewelry, clothing samples and shoes on ebay. Not sure about electronic stuff. As for larger pieces, like furniture, I would try your local market first.
ebay is pretty straightforward. You will need a PayPal account though.

Good Luck and best wishes,


nicamperenique said...

I did experience purchasing thing from eBay. Actually my ex-bf (now he is my hubby LOL) did it. He bought a mouse from eBay and sent it directly to my address. He expected that it will arrive in few days but in fact it took longer time about weeks. The worst is that I must pay extra cost for tax that he never been told about that.

So, buy online through eBay? No way! :D