My Blogging Tasks List

As I wrote in a recent post, in the past couple months, I´ve been working on a few blogging goals I had set in December 2010. My initial focus was on two of my Portuguese blogs and I´m quite happy with the results.
My major tasks were creating new content, maintaining the blogs (all the "backstage" work) and trying to improve advertising earnings. I also started selling advertising space in one of this blogs, privately, and already had a few quotes.
It took me 3 months to complete the blogging tasks I had set myself, more than I thought, but now they´re finished I´m moving on.
My blogging "To Do" list for the current month is less demanding and includes: renovating one of my domains that will expire mid-month, putting two recently bought domains to use, continuing updating all of my blogs, research new online opportunities to earn money and, in the middle of all this, checking e-mails, trying to catchup with my favorite blogs, answering comments and my EC rounds.
I´d also like to check webhostingpad and the advantages it might bring to my online activities. In the past months, I haven´t researched much. I was focused on different things but in February I´d like to dedicate some time to it. Sometimes, researching brings me new ideas for my blogs.
My time managements skills could also be improved. Lately, I think I´ve been spending way too much time networking.
And you? Do you use "To Do" lists for your blogging activities?

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