Night Blogging & Weekend Plans

Hello folks,
I´m blogging the night away so for me, it´s still Friday night :)
Fortunately, this week, I received a few work offers and I´d like to have them all finished before next Monday so I´m staying up late to work on them.
Thanks to these freelance jobs, I will be able to finance some of my next expenses so..insert happy smile here...the R.W. concert bill is covered.
Tonight, I typed with a friend about my online activities...something I don´t usually disclose or talk much about... and after our conversation I realized how important my blogs became to me. You know...I love my online time, my blogs are like a second home to me... and, now that I´m unemployed, being able to earn some money online from the comfort of my home is such a blessing...I can imagine how pro bloggers feel :)
About this weekend: This Saturday, I have a free agenda and plenty of time to do whatever I wish. One of my daughter´s cousins is going to live in Holland so the family is doing a goodbye party to wish him luck. My daughter is going to the party and will only return home after dinner. I´ll take the day off to rest and probably (because it just started raining again)..I will do one of my lazy afternoons... in pajamas :)
See you soon xx

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