Trying To Improve my Blogs

Hello guys,
As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my current blogging goals is trying to improve some of my blogs.
I started by working on my Portuguese blogs. I decided to research ways to improve my advertising revenue and I´m pretty happy with the results.
For example, I started selling advertising space in my art blog, privately, something I wasn´t doing before. Plus, I had the goal to improve other earnings sources such as big G ads and found a way. By using the channels feature they provide, I tracked each ads earnings and found which placement was the best earner. Then, I reduced the number of existing ads in another placements and improved my earnings.
After this step, I dedicated some time changing my two other Portuguese blog´s layout and writing content. Now, I turned my attention to my English blogs. NetSource has a new layout and domain and now my focus will be turned to my Personal Finances blog. I´m tired of the current layout already. I would like to change it and find logo design ideas for a new widget.
I have two options, I can keep using free resources or I can buy someone´s services to design a new layout for my blog. Something with a more professional look. I have to decide between investing money or keep using free stuff, which quality is a bit lower and less customized. You see, my Personal Finances blog is not generating any relevant income. What I make there, does not even covers the domain fees, it´s a blog written much more for fun than anything else. I will have to decide this and see what I can do to make a change there. To change, only for better :)
See you soon xx

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