Blogger Status: Back to the Blogosphere

I´m back...still alive & kicking :))
My Easter mini holidays were very nice. Returning to my hometown once in a while...feels so good! Needless to say, my mother was radiant to have us there and I had the chance to visit my best friend.
I haven´t updated any of my blogs for nearly two weeks now..shhh..time flies.
Since I´ve returned from my mini holidays, I´ve been online almost every day... mostly socializing and working on other stuff that doesn´t require blogging. Sometimes, just procrastinating or reading.
Lately, I´ve been spending more time on FB than I ever did in any other social network but you know...I´m reaching that point...when "enough is enough" so blogosphere here I am :)
As usual, after a blogging break, I´ve got a pile of stuff to catch up so that´s where I´m heading now.
See you xx

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Mariuca said...

Oooooh what have u been doing oN FB? Hardly got here anymore unless I get a message and for games purposes lol! Welcome back sweetie! :)