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Hello guys,
In the past weeks, I´ve been a bit "distracted" and haven´t blogged much, plus my notebook decided to act on me and I´m now using my daughter´s hp. This means I lost access to the files I had stored in my toshiba and, among other thigs, I´ll have to install my digital camera software in this notebook before I can post any picture.
Here´s a useful task to do tonight, it´s been a while since I do a "night owl" blogging session and tonight I feel like it :)
I also want to install EC bar, I really miss bloghopping and catching up with my fellow bloggers there.
Well, I guess I have returned to some good news concerning blog ranks.
I noticed PR updates in some of my blogs and, although I haven´t done much link building or published new content and my Alexa stats decreased (considering that traffic counts for ranks, this update was beneficial.
The best news comes from my personal finances blog, Mizé Journey, is now PR3. My Netsource (new domain) is now PR 1, and my Portuguese food blog is now PR 2. All my other blogs have the same rank as before, My Countryhome, Portuguese Menu, and my Art blog are PR 3 and my other blogs remained as PR1.
Well, blogging is a "neverending" story and trying to keep up so many blogs is a bit crazy but I really enjoy it :)
See you xxx

PS: After I wrote this post, the ranks changed again and my personal finances blog went back to PR2...oh well...

3 comentários:

Mariuca said...

Mize!!!!!!! :)

Mariuca said...

My blogs remain the same for now sweetie, all PR3 except for my food blog which is a PR2.. from a 0 so yay for food blog ha ha! :)

Mariuca said...

Me too have not been dropping EC, adgitizing or updating blogs as often as before huhhuhu.. hope u are having fun! :):):) Send my love to Miriam too!