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The time to renew two of my domain names has arrived. Once again, I have to think about my blogging and what I want to do in the months ahead.
In the past moths, and due to the changes in my personal life, I´ve been spending less time online and my blogging is not as consistent as it once was. I´ve been spending more time in social networks and my blogging has become more focused on my personal blogs.
So, I guess it´s not worth renewing these two domains and, while I´m in the process of selling and moving from my apartment, it´s not the best time to take in any new online project. I´m having difficulties keeping things as they are right now. I realized that if I want to keep blogging I should focus my attention on my “bigger” blogs instead.
And when I say bigger, I mean the older ones I´ve been keeping which have more traffic and readers. All of my blogs are “small” blogs, I still have a simple webhosting scheme and I´m happy as it is.
It´s decided, at this time of my online journey, I need to drop something to be more productive and balanced. I´ll have less expenses and a bit less "worries" too.
See you soon xx

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