Blogger Status: Sick

This blogger has been pretty quiet and sick since October 24th. Although it all started with fever and some back pains, this time it´s not just a flu. I have been fighting a kidney infection.
Last Saturday, I went to the local hospital but after 12 hours, three exams and a few injections, I successfully managed to convince the doctor to "release" me under antibiotics and pain killers. If you remember my story, you know that I worked there for nearly two years and got enough of it.
Well, today I´m feeling much better... guess the medication is doing it´s job. In the past couple weeks this fast spreading (abnormal = where did it came from?) bacterial attack sucked most of my energy but now I´m slowly winning this fight and getting my "normal" energy levels back.
I researched online about this bacteria, got a bit scared about what I read so I´m keeping a picture of it so I remember what I´m up against ;)

Hope to recover soon and wish you all a good Weekend.
See ya xx

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