Back Home

Hello everyone,
After ten days away, me and my daughter are back home.
My trip went well. There were many cars on the roads so I had to be extra careful with my driving. I love driving so making these short (+/-750 km) trips is a way to distract myself.
I enjoy the views, stop once in a while and this time I really wished I had a good camera to take pictures of the views and share them in my blogs :(
On a positive note, I received a new cellphone as Christmas gift and it has a camera. Cellphone pictures have less quality but they´re better than nothing. I still have to read the cellphone instructions to learn well how to use it well. A new gadget for a not that geek person needs a learning period :)
Moving on, my mother is going well, already crossed the 70 years mark but is independent and her health conditions allows her to take care of her self. I often think about her future and my role in it.
This Christmas, I also had the chance to talk on the phone to my uncle X and cousin M. I still have family from my mother side and these two live in France. It was nice to catch up a bit with family I hadn´t talked with for over a decade...a belonging somewhere feeling.
So, I´m back home with the wish to prepare a simple New Year´s celebration for us. I´ll cook a nice homemade dinner and around midnight we will go out to see the fireworks and city celebrations and after, back home.
See you soon xx

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