Adgitize is Closing

Hello folks,
I´m starting this new blogging year with more energy as I´ve recovered from the infection and been having plenty rest.
As my post´s tittle says, I just found that Adgitize Ad Network is closing. I´ve been an Adgitize publisher since it began but never upgraded to publisher or had many people referred by me so my revenue was pretty low.
I just visited their website to confirm the info and was informed that they will pay any remainder revenue earned before December, the official closing date.
I already removed the Adgitize widget from my blogs and as I´m writing this post they´re not showing ads anymore.
Last month I have decided to include Adsense in more of my blogs, including Night Clicks. So far, Night Clicks type of visitors don´t click much on ads but once in a while someone does so I´m keeping it this way to accumulate with my other blog´s revenue.
Well, live goes on.
And because this is my first post in 2012, here are my 3 major blogging goals for the year ahead: Keep up all my blogs, find new ways/websites of MMO and keep growing my websites/blogs advertising revenue.
See you soon xx

2 comentários:

Rachel said...

Good luck with making more money from your blogs in 2012.

Mizé said...

Hello Rachel,
It hasn´t been easy but I keep trying. Wish you all the best too xx