Blogging in English

The idea of starting a Blog occured me when I decided to show my glass painting artwork. My art Blog is in Portuguese, my mother tong, because I also share information, a kind of step by step manual, with anyone that is interested in starting their own artworks and I could hardly do this in English.
For me, starting a Blog in English is a big challenge. I learned English in school, and I have Cambridge´s "The First Certificate in English", but I finished this course before 1990. Since then, I have practiced my English mostly when I read articles for school. Sometimes language can really become an obstacle.
The main reason I started this Blog in English is because I found that if I didn´t, I would lose a big piece of the action. I mean, with a Blog in English I have the chance to reach a bigger audience and be understood by a huge number of persons.
When you start a blog you have to ponder which is your objective. If your blog is a personal journal for your friends and family then it´s best to write in your mother tong. If you´re looking for bigger audience, english is the language you should focus.
I´ve seen a blog in two languages, english and spanish. I thought it was an original idea to post in both languages but in terms of optimization for search engines I´m not sure if that´s a good option. Don´t SE get confused? Two languages in the same post can be an advantage for readers but I´m curious to know if those pages get indexed. Hummm, nice topic to investigate.
See you soon.

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