A Few Tips to Save Money: Phone Bills

Hi. One of the things I had to do when I started studying was saving money. I had to do my math very well to cover all our expenses.
I like blogging about this topics too, so I´m starting a new section here in Night Clicks about saving money. Whenever I have something to share about this topic I´ll post in this categorie.
Today´s post is about saving money in phone bills. The tips I´m sharing worked very well for me.
Try to get a prepaid card for your cellphone, instead of other kind of account. If you get a rechargeable type of card you can manage better the ammount of money you spend.
There are in the Market some companies that offer a system where you get back a percentage of every call you get, after the first minute. For example, in Portugal, TMN phone company has a prepaid card called Pako. You can earn 5 cents of Euro for each minute, after the first one, when you receiv calls. This is a very nice opportunity to save some money, specialy for those who get many calls. When you recharge the card in the ATM machine you get in your account the amount spent plus the bonus you´ve earned.
Another great way of saving money in phonecalls is avoiding unnecessary calls. Send MSM instead. Messages are much cheaper than calls.
Reduce the number of calls you do to another operators because this calls are more expensive.
If you family is away and you call them every week or so, phone operators sell international prepaid phone cards that you can use from any phone (using a special code. This prepaid cards are much cheaper than regular calls. There are some companies that make special discounts in international calls made after 9.00 pm.
Maybe it´s also a good idea to have a "day off" for the cellphone, pretend you forgot it at home, and I´m quite sure you won´t miss it at all. At least I don´t.

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