Blogging: The First Steps - Part 2

Hi everyone.
In my last post about the first steps in blogging I made three suggestions. Today I´ll briefly describe the reasons why you, as a newbie blogger, should think about each one of this important blogging topics. Let´s start by the first suggestion I made:

~ Decide which are your blog´s chore topics, your keywords;

Blogging includes understanding characteristic and specialized technical terminology related to this activity (jargons). You´ll probably find many words associated with blogging that you never heard of. A good idea is to do a search on every word you don´t understand, but try not to feel overwhelmed by the ammount of information (sometimes contraditory) you will find. With time, you´ll start to feel comfortable with the blogging dialect.

So, lets start with the first step. I suggested that you should choose your keywords.
Keyword research should be the first thing to do before you start a website or a blog.
Broadly speaking, Keywords are central words to a subject and, when referring to the the Internet, they´re used to narrow down a database search. Keywords are used by Internet users to describe what they want to find when performing a search in a search engine.
When you start a blog you have two options, either:

a) ~ You try to learn Search Engine Optimization (another jargon: SEO) and how to have a good Google Page Rank (PR). Why?
SEO, when properly done, enables blogs to rank in the first pages when people search for keywords related to the blog´s topics. In result, the sites listed (indexed) will get free traffic.
It is well known that those websites that rank in Google´s first page for certain keyword have more traffic than others which appear on the second, or third page of results. So, the intention of applying SEO techniques is to improve a blog/website rank. Webmasters, or bloggers, that earn money online are more interested in this topics than those who just blog for fun.
Yes, it´s possible to work full time online as a blogger, and live of it. Those who work full time on their blogs are called Pro-bloggers. I will post more about this topic under the Blog Monetizing Section I will create soon.

b) - The second option is to forget about all the Internet jargons and keep blogging as you like, without thinking about the SEO science.

I really don´t like huge posts, so, just a few last words for today:
There are many free online resources available to learn about SEO, try searching Google using jargons in this post, you´ll have plenty to read. In a near future I´d like to post reviews of SEO learning resources. See you soon.

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