Browsers: IE, Firefox and Opera

Hi everyone.
One thing everyone needs to have to browse the internet is a browser. Today´s post starts a new section about browsers where I´ll share my experiences in this field.

The majority of computers I´ve seen uses Internet Explorer Browser . I had the last version of this browser in my laptop, wich is the computer I use more often. One month ago, I was in Windows update site when I found that the new version of IE was available, IE 7.
There are two other browsers I can use: Mozilla FireFox and Opera. This are both free browsers that you can download from the Internet in a few minutes and start using them right away.
I´ve been using both FireFox and Opera, and less frequently Internet Explorer. From my experience, I prefer Firefox because it opens the pages very fast, it´s easy to use, has translation tools, and a complete guide available after you download the software. I noticed that Opera is also very fast, but it has a different way of adding pages to my favourites and it requires a certain adaptation from the user.
Which one to use? The one you prefer, I think they´re all good but at the moment I´m using more frequently Firefox.

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