Click2Care - Helping Others with Blog Widgets

My last posts focused blogging basics. After setting up your blog you can start posting and making additions to your blog scheme, like widgets, banners, stats counters, etc.
Each widgets is a piece of HTML code you can insert in your blog using the "add element" feature in your blog scheme panel by choosing "add html".
Nowadays, there are many widgets and banners you can add to your blog to dress it up a little. If you check other blogs you´ll see how each blogger decided to use the blog´s sidebar and other free spaces, like the footer.

I think it´s a good idea to blog about this blogging resources, so I´m starting a new section called "Blog Widgets and Stuff". In this section I´ll post about the different resources I find useful or fun.

Ok. So to start this new blog section, today´s post is about a widget that was created to help others in need. I came across a website that promotes the Click2Care concept.
In the Click2Care concept, users click in banners to help different causes.
You can click once every day and each click is converted into money to help different campaigns. This website raises money for different prevention and intervention campaigns, like:

~ Hunger
~ Breast cancer
~ Child health
~ Literacy,
~ Animal rescue,
~ Ecology founds/preservation
~ Global warming

So, if you like to help others, you can use one of this website´s widgets in your blogs. The more people click, the more money they´ll rase for each cause.
I like to click in adds in this type of websites because I like to belive that I´m helping others with my clicks. I just hope the money they raise really reaches those in need. If you´d like to check this website to know how you can help, you can use this link:
Blog Widgets to Help Others

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