Welcome to Night Clicks

Hello world!
Welcome to Night Clicks!
My name´s Mizé, I live in Portugal, and I´m the author of this blog.
Nights Clicks is a blog mainly about blogging resources but also a space where I share my online experiences while learning how to improve my knowledge about the blogosphere. I like socializing, so feel welcome to comment.
When I started this blog I had 2 chore personal projects in hands: Finish University and build my family´s first house in a plot we bought some years ago. I have some free hours to work on my blog, mostly at night, and that´s why I called this blog "Night Clicks".
Once I´d like to build a blog with a personal touch, I will also share my progress in achieving my personal goals, so I´ll post about different topics related to this personal projects.
My main topics will be about blogging resources but I´ll have a personal section in this blog to post about mixed interests, like travelling and education. Now and then, you may find a product or service review which I find interesting or useful.
How did I start this adventure?
Well, I started writing abstracts. From there to blogging was a short step. I´d like to make Night Clicks a useful space. I have other activities offline but I intend to update this blog as frequently as I can.
Hope to see you often. Cheers!

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