What´s a Blog?

Generally speaking, a Blog is a website, frequently updated, in which new information is shown first. The publisher of a Blog is a Blogger and each message is a post. A Blog can be published by different authors or only by one blogger.
A Blog can have many different forms: A personal journal, a news blog, a photoblog, a political space, a company´s space to reach costumers, a collection of links or a mixture of this types.
Nowadays, there are million different blogs and the rules of what a blog is aren´t very well defined. In most cases bloggers mix text, images, videos and content can be diverse. For example, a blogger can post about news on the Internet and his personal life too.
Most blogs are published trough free platforms like Blogger, which started in 1999, and is owned by Google. There are other free blog platforms available, like Wordpress, Bravenet, Typad, etc.
Most free platforms provide a good service and offer different features to improve a blog. You can add images, text, widgets, change your blog´s template, etc.
After explaining what a blog is in general one can easily conclude that a blog is idiosyncratic, just like the blogger who´s behind it.
See you soon.

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