How To Start A Blogger Blog

To start a blog, first you´ll need a blogging plan. You need to know, at least, what are your chore objectives and which topics you´re going to focus.
As I mentioned in my first post about blogging basics, there are many different types of blogs. Even if you´re not sure which type of blog you want to start you should decide in which broad categories your blog belongs. Is it a personal journal to stay in touch with friends and family? Is it a sports blog? Or a photoblog where you post your favorite pictures?
Whatever you want to do with your blog, first you need a plan.
A good way to start a blog is having some posts already written and prepared to be posted. If you have a few posts before you start your blog, you´ll be able to plan your editorial duties and have some free time to do other tasks besides writing.
You also need to decide which Blog platform you wish to use.
This blog is a Blogger blog, located in I´ve been using this platform with no problems. It´s user friendly and easy to edit, ideal for newbies. Once I feel more comfortable with Blogger blogs, I will focus my posts in this platform.
Before you start a free Blogger blog, you´ll need an e-mail and a Google Account. After having your e-mail address you can go to Blogger homepage to start your Google account and your blog.
Blogger blogs are easy to set up. In three steps you´ll have your blog live. The three steps are:

~ Create an account;
~ Choose the name and address of your blog;
~ Choose a model. Blogger provides several templates, which you can costumize later;

After this simple steps, you can publish your first post and edit your blog´s definitions right away.
Are you motivated to start blogging? Ok, you can start your free blog in Blogger Homepage, at:

Happy Blogging!

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