Blogging: The First Steps

The first steps in blogging depend on the blogger´ experiences.
If you´re just starting out, and have few technological knowledge, then you´re a "newbie".
As a newbie you´ll have many questions and doughts and, as all other tech activities, bllogging has a learning curve that often can´t be skipped.
So, you started your first blog, now...what to do next?
Here´s a few suggestions:

~ Decide which are your blog´s chore topics, your keywords;

~ Decide how often you´re going to post;

~ Decide if you´re going to include pictures in your posts or publish only text;

After this initial decisions, you´re ready to write and publish your first posts. In my next messages I´ll discuss some ideas related to the three topics above.
See you soon.

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