New Stage in My Life: Doing Residence

Hi everyone.
As I mentioned in my Blog introduction, besides blogging resources, I´d like to have a personal section here in Night Clicks where I can share my stuff with redaers.
This section will include posts about my student life and "Blogger Status Post", where I´ll share my feelings and other ideas.
So today´s post starts this new section called "Blogger Personal Stuff" and it´s about my student life.

I´m glad to announce that I started a new activity as a finalist student. I started residence in the health center of the town I live, and I have classes one day a week.
I´m enjoying this new experience very much. Everyday I´m learning new things and it´s very exciting to meet professionals that can share their knowledge with us.
This new activity has a demanding timetable, it´s like a 9 to 5 job. I start every week day at 9 or 9.30 and I finish at 5 or 6.00 pm, it´s really a full time. Me and my collegue, which is a finalist student from another University only have one hour to have lunch and sometimes less.
Besides this timetable, when I get home I have to work more. I have to write reports, prepare interviews, investigate diagnostics, prepare tests, and all type of tasks related to my future profession. It´s a handful of work to do every day, plus the housework, my daughter and hubby stuff to look after, dinner, shopping and so on.
I must confess that I´ve been really tired the last days. I wasn´t used to this new timetable but now I have to adapt me to this new experince. I need to pass this residence to finish my course so I am trying to give my best.
In the next months I will be updating Night Clicks less often. So, please be patience with this blogger here. I will post as soon as I can. Wish me luck, and see you then.

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