Blog Updating: Busy With School

Hi everyone.
This post is for the section "Blogger Status", where I share how I´m feeling, what I´m up to, and other messages to my visitors. So, the next time you see a blogger status post you´ll know it´s about me and my personal stuff and not a blogging resource.
It´s been a while since my last post. I have been so busy that I hardly have time to sleep.
Things are going well in school. I´m doing a paperwork and a power point presentation with three collegues and I´m enjoying doing it very much. This group work has to be ready by the end of the month and we´re working hard to finish it.
Exams season will start in January and I have to get ready for the final test of one subject, at the same time I´m doing residence.
Christmas is near, have you noticed?
this year I won´t have school vacations and I will have to study during the few days off residence, later this month. I will try to update Night Clicks with blogging resources asap.
See you soon.

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