I Joined Yuwie.com: A New Social Network

Hi everyone. Today´s post is about a new social network called Yuwie.
I´m not a big fan of this type of sites, maybe that´s because I´m not used to them, I´m a bit shy and I don´t know what to do there.
This time I decided to try one of this sites and joined Yuwie.
I already visited this new network a few times, but I´m still learning how it works. I found that you can have a blog, upload pictures, comment in other users profiles and enhace your personal page with different layouts and other things, like clocks, images, guestbooks, music players, etc.
After I find how it works, I´ll write some posts about this new Social Network still in Beta. I´ll report my experiences here in Night Clicks as I do with other sites I use. See you soon.

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cricketgo-mary said...

I used to be with night owl and I liked them but not enough money there, so I quit going there. probably got deleted by now, but they did give random payouts which was nice. I had a referral there too come to think of it.