Blogging Resources: Traffic Measure Tools

Hi everyone.
Today´s posts is about measuring blog traffic.
If you´re one of those bloggers that cares about the number of visitors of your blog, you´ll need to install a system that measures your blog´s traffic.
With a measuring system you´ll have access to important statistics that will help you analize your blog´s traffic.
There are many free resources available online that you can use to measure a blog´s traffic. For example, with Google Analitics or Sitemeter. This two tools are useful because they provide different types of statistics, like daily and weekly pageviews, average visitors, reference sites, words used in search, rejection percentage, etc.
If you´re developing efforts to have more visitors to your blog, you´ll need to know if they´re effective or not. The only way to know if your blog traffic is improving is by using a measuring tool.
I´ve been using Google Analitics to measure Night Clicks traffic. The statistics provided by this free tool are very interesting. I can check where visitors come from, how long they stayed in the blog, which search terms they used to find the blog, etc.
In future posts I´ll share my experiences with the measuring tools I´ve been using and I´ll review new resources I find.

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