Blogging: How Often Should I post?

Well, I guess this is a question every new blogger asks at some point. Besides having to decide each post a blogger should post frequently.
Frequently is a subjective word, how much is frequent? Right?
Well, in all definitions of blogs I came across it was mentioned that a blog is a frequently updated webpage. I searched for this topic and the info I found seems reliable.
I think the frequency of posts can be considered depending the blog´s focus. For example, it makes sense that a news blog should be updated every day, often, more than once. A personal journal may not have the same criteria and can be updated less frequently.
When I see a blog that hasn´t been updated in the past 30 days, without any notice from the author, or sudenly has no posts after many months of filled archives, I think to myself: Hey, what happened to this blogger? This blog looks like it was abandoned for some forced reason, etc.I guess there are others that think like me. On the other hand a blog which is updated once every week doesn´t look that way. Maybe this info could be included in the blog´s description or somewhere in the sidebar, like: Weekly Journal of..., or weekly chronicles... recipe of the week, etc.
I have read that the ideal post number is a new entrie three times a week but in a regular way, month after month. I think it´s a good amount of posts, it makes a total of 12 posts each month, with regular intervals, which isn´t that difficult to accomplish.
I also read that blogs that post too many posts can be considered spammy, but I´m not sure about it. At least, it doesn´t apply to news blogs.
Some bloggers don´t post in weekends, others do. It´s said that in weekends Internet has less users, but I also don´t know if this info is true.
Maybe I should search for this type of statistics, it would be interesting to know this type of info, don´t you think?
Well, this post is long enough. See you soon.

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