Blogger Status: Busy With School

Hi everyone.
I´m writing this blogger status post to let you know that I´ve been very busy in my residence and now with Christmas shopping. Have you bought all your presents yet, or are you still runing around shops like crazy?
Well, my Christmas presents are all bought. Now I just need to wrap them in beautiful paper.
I´m enjoying residence very much and I´m learning new things every day. One thing is learning from books, another thing is learning with reality.
In the residence I´m having the opportunity of watching close how good professionals work and I´m learning with other´s reality. My area of studies involves people, which is why it is so difficult to learn. Everyone´s unique and universal laws are difficult to apply to specific humans.
As I posted before I´m doing this last steps of my course in full time, which is very demanding, specially when you have a 7 years old kid to look after.
So, in the next weeks I have to concentrate more on my studies and less in the internet. I won´t be able to update Night Clicks as much as I would like to.
Please bare with me...I´ll be back as soon as possible.

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