Free Marketing E-Books

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good Christmas and a Happy New year celebration.
My holidays were spent in family and were really nice. I think I ate too many sweets, like I do all years in this season. I just can´t resist Christmas homemade sweets :)
Well, I had a few presents, and you guys?
A very good way to start a new year is sharing. Once I can´t share my presents, I will share some e-goods, in this case e-books, with anyone interested.
I have a few Marketing E-Books to share with all the readers of Night Clicks.
This e-books are related to marketing. I have one only about Craig List, another about Squidoo, and other with a collection of 25 articles about Affiliate Marketing.
If anyone is interested in any of this subjects, to get my free offer just mail me. My mail is available in my blog´s profile, just don´t spam me.
In your mail, please let me know the subject you´re interested in. I´ll mail the E-Books max. 24 hours after I read your request. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, because they have some nice tips.
And one last thing: I do want to share this e-books for free, I´m not asking to subscribe my feed, and I´m not using e-mails for anything else.

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