Blogging Basics: Different Types of Posts

In previous posts about blogging basics I mentioned that each blog is unique, like it´s author, among the different categories they can be classified.
A blog that focus on news is very different from a personal journal or a photoblog. We could say that each post has different functions or types.
A post can:

~ Report the last news or events
~ Discuss and analyse current events
~ Consist of an article about specific topics
~ Tell a story, personal or fiction
~ Tell jokes and humorus situations
~ Provide links to resources
~ Provide technical information
~ Review websites, products, or services
~ Describe places and culture
~ Include pictures, video or only text
~ Serve a specific purpose in a blog, like my blogger status posts
~ etc.

So, in a personal journal blog you´ll probably find more posts that describe facts and the author´s personal story or views, while in a news blog you´ll find more posts that report the last events, with a journalistic language. This posts aren´t very long, and focus is answering the questions: Who, what, when, and why.
It´s up to the blogger to decide wich format the blog will follow and which function each post has. Many bloggers define their blog´s topics in the begining. They choose a certain niche (specific topic) and work around it, while others decide to follow the format of a mixed bag. A mixed bag is a blog that posts about many different topics. They generaly have a long categories list and don´t focus anything special.
So, in this imense blogosphere you can find blogs for all tastes. If you´re a blogger trying to decide which format to follow there are a few things you need to consider. The most important of all is: What´s your blog´s objectives?
Are you writing a personal journal, or an informative blog?
It all depends on your answers to this and other questions.
I will return to this topic in future posts, this one´s getting too big.
See you.

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