Blogger Status: Evaluation Season

Hi everyone.
It´s been a while since my last post but time passes so fast!
Today´s post is a blogger status post about my student life, the main reason why I don´t update Night Clicks as frequently as I wish.
Residence is being an extremly intense experience, I will have a lot of things to include in my final report, which I have to write when I finish all the hours I have to do. I already did different activities and a few interviews, all by myself.
My school group paperwork is going well, almost everything´s prepared for the final presentation. The topic we choose isn´t very easy but it has lots of studies and resources we can use. I hope this work goes well because I´m counting on it for my final grade.
Right now, I have to study because my test date is so near!
Another thing I have to think of is my school payment. I pay a total of 295.00 euros, three times a year. The first part is in September, when school starts, the second part is in January and the third in April or May.
Well, let´s see how things go. I´ll be back as soon as possible.

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