Blogging Topics: About Images in Posts

I´ve been visiting other blogs and I noticed that some bloggers like to use images to complement a post. Some bloggers use images related to the post´s topic, for example, if the post is about PCs they use a correspondant image or some pic related, or pictures about themselves, in case of personal journals.
I think it´s a good idea to use pictures in posts, it can make the post much more attractive to read. On the other hand, an excess of pictures, flashing buttons or banners can distract a reader.
A good starting point to reflect about this topic is trying to answer a few questions, like:
What do you think when you come across a blog filled with flashing banners?
Do you stay there long enough to read a post?
If you post many pictures do you think readers will read your text or only look at the pictures?
Is the picture you´re using really related to your post? Does it add anything?
Why are you using this specific picture?
Do the colors of the picture match your blog?
Once again, it´s up to the blog author to decide if the blog will include pictures or not. If a blog belongs to a company or has a commercial objective this issues also need to be pondered, not only in personal blogs.
Images are powerful, they can provoque different reactions in readers. If you´re not sure what to do, why not try first, or ask your readership. They´re the best blog critics you´ll find.

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